I, Tycoon

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Format: 13×20 cm
Broj strana: 263
Pismo: Latinica
Povez: Tvrd
Godina izdanja:
14. novembar 2018.
ISBN: 978-86-521-3086-3
Prevodilac: Randall A. Major

I, Tycoon

Miroslav Mišković is one of the most successful businessmen in southeastern Europe. 

Why would a man, who would be given the highest honors in a modern capitalist economy, be besieged by the government of his own country?

I, Tycoon – Considered an associate by Slobodan Milošević, a friend by Zoran Đinđić, an opponent by Boris Tadić, and an enemy by Aleksandar Vučić, Mišković now reveals how business was done under the international sanctions, why and how companies were bought and sold in Russia, and how cooperation was established with companies like Nike, Honda, BMW, Delhaize, Generali. In short, I, Tycoon describes not only how he earned a billion euros and influenced the economic history of this region—but also what price he had to pay to do so.

Just as Miroslav Mišković is not only a successful businessman, his life story as portrayed in this book is not only another biography of success—it is also a real textbook on practical economy, a motivational book, and a remarkable economic thriller.