Clairvoyant Tales

899,00 RSD

Autor: Ljubivoje Ršumović, Dušan Petričić
Format: 19,5×19,5 cm
Broj strana: 103, illustrated
Povez: Hardcover
Godina izdanja:
12. jul 2013.
ISBN: 978-86-521-1293-7

O knjizi "Clairvoyant Tales"

Two famous children authors working together again after 40 years!

Excuse me, but don’t we know each other from somewhere, or am I imagining it?

Clairvoyant Tales are aimed both at children and their parents. The book contains 31 stories written by Ljubivoje Ršumović and as many illustrations drawn by Dušan Petričić.

Clair, an unusual and curious boy finds new friends among animals and through play and conversation with them he reveals answers to various, very important questions about life. This fun, playful and wise book will become the readers favorite no matter their age.